Help and Gratitude During the Wildfire in California

Help and Gratitude During the Wildfire in California

Mobile PG&E Customer Center. Their power lines are blamed to be the culprit of the wildfire. Anyway many people was cut from the electricity. They tried to help them to get the information when the service will be provided again.


Tents with water, snacks and information at the exit from the evacuation zone.

Gratitude to #FirstResponders. Many of people still have their houses thanks to  them.

It is the famous Kaiser hospital which was endangered by the fire and evacuated. Actually, it is the place where I see my doctor too. Last time when I went there I saw a flyer with the support group. Many people PTSD to some degree. Everyone knows somebody who lost everything. Those who survived feel lucky but also in some way guilty.

Kaiser building

This is a nice gift from my mobile provider who give me $20 to stay in touch with family and friends.

More about California wildfire here.


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