Support Dobek during Street Retreat in Washington DC, May 22-26

Support Dobek during Street Retreat in Washington DC, May 22-26

Street Retreats were started by Bernie Glassman Roshi and his Peacemaker movement. We will live together with homeless people on streets of Washington DC for 5 days.

The retreat is free. However, I’m obliged to organize a group of supporters who can help me raise $500 which will go towards charity. Asking for alms is meant to help us witness and understand the lives of people living on the street. Traditionally, Buddhist monks used to support themselves in this way. In fact, it is a great practice of generosity and gratitude thanks to which we can observe what happens with our minds when we ask, give or receive.

I’d like to take with me as many friends as possible. It is enough to donate $1 to become a part of my retreat. Your support would put a smile on my face and help to strength my practice. Each person will be symbolically present as a bead on a mala which I will wear during the entirety of the retreat.

If you decide to support me, you can choose one of the ways:

I’ll keep you updated on my blog.

More about the Street Retreat on the organizers page.



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  1. ReplyPascal Yves Bossmanl
    The picture in Washington Square Park made a deep impression on me. We can feel that there is no “pose”; only the generous, authentic, and without ulterior motives of the people sitting.
  2. ReplyDobek
    PL: Własnie otrzymałem moją pierwszą jałmużnę. Dziękuję bardzo.
    EN: I've just received my first alms. Thank you very much.
  3. ReplyDobek
    EN: So far, I received $56 which is more then 10% of what I need. Donations came from 6 people. Thank you all.
    PL: W obecnej chwili otrzymałem $56 od 6 osób, co stanowi ponad 10% sumy, którą muszę zebrać. Dziękuję Wam.
  4. ReplyDobek
    So far, I have collected $251 which is the half of planed amount. Thank you all.
  5. ReplyDobek
    $393 from 25 generous people
  6. ReplyDobek
    $598.55 from 34 generous people. It looks like I was able to collect the amount assumed by organizers. Thank you all. There is still a possibility to contribute. $1 is really enough. I will be happy to take everyone with me for this retreat.

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